Hernia mesh complications 'affect more than 100,000'

Jen Coles had to use a cane to walk following her mesh implant, which left her in chronic pain.

Mediterranean diet 'may help prevent depression'

An expert urges more research to confirm a possible link between fruit, veg, nuts and grains and mood.

Life expectancy progress in UK 'stops for first time'

Improvements have ground to a halt for the first time since records began, in 1982, ONS data shows.

EpiPen shortage 'worrying' for people with allergies

Limited supplies have meant long waits for some people to get the potentially life-saving drug.

Electrical implant helps paralysed people to walk again

Three paralysed patients are able to walk after an electrical patch is fitted to their spinal cords.

Contaminated blood scandal: Inquiry 'must uncover truth'

Inquiry hears emotional testimonies by people caught up in the "worst-ever NHS treatment disaster".

Stalled Royal Liverpool Hospital to be publicly funded

Work on the Royal Liverpool Hospital stopped following the collapse of construction giant Carillion.

Laxative sales may be restricted under government review

The government is considering action amid fears they are being abused by people with eating disorders.

Obesity 'to be linked to more female cancers' than smoking

Cancer Research UK predicts excess weight will be linked to more cancers in women than tobacco in 25 years.

Women harassed after seeking sperm donors online

One woman says a potential donor turned out to be married and had undergone a vasectomy.